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I have played a lot of different types of events over the last 15 years. From private, to corporate, weddings, to clubs, lounges to dinner parties... The following is a selection of some e-mails, press, and thank-yous that I have received from booking agents, promoters, and clients.

[Jose Villa in regards to his own wedding] (via twitter) "you made the whole forest get up and dance last night! Thank you, thank you! You Amaze me!"

i just wanted to send a quick thank you your way -- we are still getting complements on you and your work at the wedding! it was mind blowing!

thank you for doing such an amazing job -- you are a genius at what you do. you made the party what i wanted it to be -- uninhibited, joyous fun.

x, shana (&rob)

Libby (shana's mom see above): As mother of the bride, I was uncertain about hiring a dj from LA who calls himself "the human jukebox." I am SO glad I trusted Shana's judgment! Michael was fantastic, and the music added to the beauty of the ceremony and the joyous spirit of the party. NO ONE sat down. Michael, you are awesome!

Michael - you are the man! We had so many complements on your music, your performance and ability to rock a party!!!! God damn I wish we could do it all over again this weekend - IT WAS SO SO SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!

Mike y Steph

Michael, I just want to thank you so much for your stellar DJing at our wedding - from the ceremony to the reception you were on it. So many people came up to me to tell me how great they thought you were and I just said, "I know!" Don't be surprised if you hear from a few of our friends about working at their weddings.
- Leslie Feldt

"Michael blew the roof off a friend's wedding, and my fiancee and I approached him about playing ours, on New Year's Eve. He's friendly and personable and willing to accommodate your taste in music, but what you're hiring him for is HIS taste in music. He played classy classics during the early part of the reception, making us all feel old-school and with it, and then, after luring people out onto the floor with a few choice cuts, devastated us all with a brilliant combination of funk, mash-ups, hip-hop, what have you. I'll put it this way: my 60 year-old mother got out there and shook it like it's never been shaken before. And at midnight, he played an excerpt from Dr. King's "I Have A Dream" speech, to ring in the new year. I cannot recommend this guy enough. We paid to see him spin in New York a few months later, and it was like returning to a happy childhood."

Jacob Ward

The last time Michael played I ended up in a wheelchair! Dana (aka the brokeass bride)
in response Michael is the only person who ever hurt my wife & it made me happy! Hunter (aka the fresh hubby)

Michael Antonia, aka the Human Jukebox, DJd our wedding in August 22nd, in La Jolla, California. Michael did a brilliant job, at short notice.

The music is the part of planning the evening that is the most worrisome if you actually LIKE music, lots of it, lots of kinds of it, etc. We told Michael to have a good time and take risks, and he did it.

That said, from the very first song after the toasts, folks danced like crazy.


We have innumerable photos of older guests boogying (the photos are blurred but there is some discernible high-kicks) and our friends jamming so hard their hair is upside down. My father - a fairly athletic guy- danced the entire time like I have never seen in my life, and reportedly limped through the airport the next day. It was a smallish affair for a California wedding (60 guests) and those ping-pong lights were powerfully bright, but no one cared in the slightest: we got a lot of compliments on the DJ, from a range of guests (my father included).

After dinner, my groom and I successfully harassed the catering staff to join us drinking, and soon enough, Michael had them all dancing! When the party rental guys showed up a little early to pick up their equipment, they too just gave in and hit the concrete patio that was the dance floor. Drenched in sweat, all the male guests in the party finally ran down into the Pacific, suits and ties flying off into the darkness. (I believe the women were still dancing). Thank you, Michael! MARY ROSS

I first heard Michael (AKA the human jukebox) spinning records at a sweet little bar in Chinatown. It was a typical warm summer night in NYC, yet despite the oppressive humidity, our group of friends could not stop dancing. Over the next year our trips to Chinatown became more frequent in hopes of catching Michael's rendition of Dolly Parton's 9 to 5 and spending a few hours shaking it up on the bar's small dance floor.

Fast forward a year. I'm engaged and searching for a Band/DJ. For Brent and I, the music was going to be one of the most important parts of the entire wedding night. Immediately I knew I wanted to hire Michael, but wasn't sure if he even would agree to do a wedding. Well luck was on our side, and after hunting him down, he agreed.

On the eve of August 26, 2006 in Mystic Connecticut, not one guest at the Denzin/Ekeland wedding was sitting down. The dance floor gazebo was jammed packed with grandparents, parents, cousins, friends and toddlers all breaking it down, just as we had hoped. Actually, maybe even better than we had hoped.

And the next day and for the next couple of years, the one thing we've heard from our guests over and over again is that "your DJ rocked", "best wedding DJ ever".

Well they were right.

Michael, we'd recommend you over and over again to everyone and anyone!
Thank you again, almost 3 years later, for bringing the cool to our little Connecticut wedding (and refusing to play brickhouse).

Best, Kristen and Brent

My feet and legs hurt so bad from dancing last night that i couldn't sleep (seriously!) Lara Casey / Southern Weddings

(re: the smilebooth) This rules! Thank you so much for the quick turnaround!

(re: dj) Speaking for Rebecca as well, we had such an extraordinary time last weekend. It was everything we had hoped for, and far surpassed our envisioned celebration.

We heard so many comments from guests about the "awesome, killer, amazing" music, so a sincere thanks for livening up the crowd and bringing life to the party.

We're here if you need any "references" for future clients, and will keep your company in mind for future professional events, as we both are always in need of talented musicians for parties, galas, etc...

All the best,

Brad & Rebecca

Hi Michael!

Just a quick note to tell you how amazingly awesome you were at our wedding. EVERYONE was going on and on and on about how incredible you were, especially me and Christian. I just wish I had had more time to shake it with everyone on the dance floor…crazy day, but so perfect! Also, the smilebooth was superb! People got nuts, one of our guests even mooned the camera – good times.

Also, we did receive the pics from the smilebooth, but was wondering when you were planning on sending the master cd that you recorded that night? I want to include a copy in everyones thank you cards…

Thanks again, you made the night so fun. Ok, I am officially out of adjectives… Big hugs.



Sarah and I are both in awe. I cannot tell you how many times we heard from nearly every one of our guests, "he is the best dj I've ever heard!".

Seriously, we cannot thank you enough for providing the centerpiece of what was truly the most amazing evening.

We haven't stopped talking about how big of a difference it makes to have had you and your style vs a "typical" dj (where a song that is not particularly well-received sucks the energy out of the room and people retreat from the dancefloor). That, literally, did not happen once.

We're soooooo happy that Paige convinced us to plan our whole wedding around you schedule!! :)

Very much look forward to working with you again soon.

Michael & Sarah

Finally met The Flash Dance DJ Can now die and go to heaven. Rumors do not lie: He doesn't just make the party, he IS the party. anne sage / citysage

Alli (The Dry Bar) you are a music god! U rocked the sox off my bro's wedding. Completely blown away! NEVER have I danced as much in my life!

"DJ" isn't an adequate word to describe what Michael does, so let's just say he'll make you dance your pants off and he may very well keep your grandparents on their feet all night, too. Kathryn of SNIPPET & INK

Michael, Brent and I wanted to thank you for doing such an amazing job...really, all of our friends and family cannot stop raving about you!! I just wish we had even more time to dance, but unfortunately the ceremony got a late start. Good thing we had an after party planned, cause you had everyone all reved up and ready to keep dancing!!
Kristen Ekeland

Natalie & Rob's Wedding. May 31, 2008. Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art. Amherst, MA.

My husband works in the music industry so music was one of the most important decisions as we planned our wedding. After having seen the Human Jukebox at a few gigs in New York City, we - and all our friends - quickly became huge fans. There's just something about mixing Tears for Fears with the Beatles and Biggie - and no one can do it like him. We honestly could not have been happier with the music at our wedding. We luckily have some video footage to capture all the magic. It's priceless to see the dance floor's reaction to each incredible mix. He played music for everyone, from oldies to french jazz to 80s pop to rock ballads to hip hop. We go down amongst friends and family as having hands down the best music at any wedding before or since. His music collection is incredible and he went above and beyond what we could have imagined. Michael is amazingly talented, professional, and great to work with. Any wedding would be better with him!

From one NYC club booking agent to another...

Hi Lynda,
I'd like you to meet this DJ I know named Michael
Antonia--aka The Human Jukebox. I think I told you
about him the last time I saw you. He DJs for me on
Saturday nights at Happy Ending and I've been thinking
that he would be a great match for Sway if you have an
opening on Fridays.

This guy is not really a personal friend and I don't
owe him any favors, but frankly he is just simply such
a joy to work with that I would go out of my way to
set him up with a good situation. And I think you can
trust that I know what Sway is about and what you
would expect from a Friday night DJ.

Michael is a pro. He shows up early and has his own
reliable transportation. He brings his own equipment
including a top of the line Rane mixer, a CD console,
and effects processor. He does six hours behind the
tables for me without a break. He has a couple of
drinks during the night (literally, like 2) and always
keeps it together. His rates are fair and reasonable.

He spins music from the whole range of music you would
expect to hear at Sway on a weekend night, from rock,
funk, soul, disco, metal, glam, 80s, 90s, electro, to
hiphop (they do love hiphop!). He tends to start off
chill at the beginning of the night, usually playing a
bit more to the tastes of my staff before it starts to
get crowded. Increasingly he'll switch into more
popular stuff that's selected to be fun and danceable.

More than just selecting records, however, this guy's
got turntablist skills. I don't really understand how
all of that stuff works but he does live remixes of
different music sources, but he does it in a way
that's seamless. That is, you would never think that
the way he is presenting the music is not the way you
are supposed to hear it, even when he's mixing two
apparently ironic sources like Ice-T's Colors with
Cindi Lauper's True Colors (one of his more memorable

He's good. He'd be good for you. I hope you can give
him a chance. He's been doing Fridays at Good World
but apparently they keep getting busted and management
has had to enforce no dancing rules for fear of
loosing their liquor license--not a good situation for

Ideally, I'd have you come over to Happy Ending on
Saturday night around 1:30 when people are feeling
good and getting into it. You could judge for
yourself. But I don't imagine that is very practical.

I'd like to at least introduce you to him in the next
week or two. Maybe he'll have a CD for you or
something. And he is rather handsome, so there is
that to appreciate. I like to come by Sway on
Sundays. If you think you'll be around let me know
and I'll try to get us all together. Otherwise, I
expect we could stop by on a Monday night (Sun and Mon
are my nights off). I think he said he DJs a Jazz and
Blues thing on Thursdays somewhere in Brooklyn, but I
don't expect that would really do much for you.

You can reach me on my cell which is my former home
number (212) 929-XXXX. Michael's cell is (917)
627-6452 or you can email him through is website:

I look forward to seeing you. Say hello to Tim for



"The day I heard this guy my faith in good entertainment was restored. He could technically mop the floor with all of his peers, and creatively he is off the charts. This human jukebox is a true revolutionary!" -Myspace comment

THE HUMAN JUKEBOX plays a broad mix of music. What struck me in particular, however, was the artful way in which he mixed it. In the earlier part of the night in particular he was putting together these audio collages lambasting war and the greed behind it, poverty, and racism. The mix of music had the hallmark of artistry and intelligence. Rather than the tired DJ-as-jukebox who mechanically plays crowd pleasing song after song, the DJ at Happy Ending worked his materials in a way that was creative and critical. -NYC City Search Review

Hi Michael-
Thank you thank you thank you, you are a genius. We are just back from our honeymoon and are still in disbelief over what an incredible job you did making our wedding AWESOME! You are a true artist and you made the night unforgettable for everyone. Brian and I are so grateful to you for your ability to keep everyone rocking out without pause and we had the best day of our lives - looking out over the dance floor and seeing literally everyone grinning and dancing is an image we will never forget. Please let us know if we can ever provide a glowing reference for you :).

Thank you again for everything.
Hadley and Brian

Hi Michael,

First of all, I just wanted you to know that everyone is still talking about the DJ from our wedding ("best dj ever" has been thrown around by quite a few!). And Greg and I completely agree. Thank you so much for making our wedding so much fun and helping me shed a few pounds probably from all the cardio I got from non-stop dancing. We could have danced to your tunes til the sun came up, had they let us.

Also, I know you dj all the time, so this is probably a long shot, but do you remember what the last song of the night was? I remember knowing and loving it, but now I just can't seem to remember. Help please!

Thanks again!!

much love,

ps- we're thinking of moving to LA so we can hire you to play at our house parties. ;)

Hi Michael

We just want to thank you again for providing us with the best wedding party ever. Our guests are still telling us that we had the most fun wedding and that you are the BEST DJ ever.

You are to be applauded on your professionalism, ability to get everyone and keep everyone on the dance floor, and for being such a pleasure to work with.

Amy and Scott were to so happy with the great time you provided. If you ever need a recommendation, we will more than happy to provide one.

Thanks again for making a memorable time for all.

Best of luck and take care.

Dan and Sally Panero
Scott and Amy Feldman

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DJ Mixes

what can we do in smilebooth? 01.29.09  
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The Wedding Spinner Pt.1 01.29.09  
THE HUMAN JUKEBOX in the studio (this is the rock portion of the mix)

I have been working on a mix cd, based on the things that have been working well at weddings this past year, and our good friend (and collaborator in all things awesome) Shanghai came by and graciously shot some video of me fooling around. This is just raw practice video, unpolished, unrefined, but pretty close to how it works on the dancefloor. These have been edited down to the most enjoyable parts because I know your attention span is hella short!

There are many more to come over the next few days so stay tuned. Additional dj videos and sound samples can be found in the DJ MIXES section of the DANCEPARTY heading in the navigation above.

Untitled from Michael Antonia on Vimeo.
I want to see the 7 comments...

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DJ Mixes

DBUI 01.23.09  
2009 is off to a great start. we were interviewed by Tana at Don't Box Us In. The line-up of photographers they have chosen to post are very inspirational and we feel honored to be listed. The interview questions were interesting and led us to some fun answers. Take a moment, go check out DBUI and leave a comment. Below are some of the photos that correspond with the interview....
I want to see the 4 comments...

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Carleton Watkins Dialogue With Giants exhibition at the Getty Center 01.20.09  
Dialogue among Giants: Carleton Watkins and the Rise of Photography in California
October 14, 2008 - March 1, 2009 at the Getty Center

from the Getty website... GETTY
In 1850, at the age of 20, Carleton Watkins is believed to have arrived in California from New York via South America. He embarked on a life in photography that began auspiciously during the gold rush (which started in 1849) and ended abruptly with the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and fire that destroyed his negatives. In between those historic moments, Watkins witnessed an era in which a recurring theme was the enormity of all things in the West. He photographed the expansive western landscape with its miles of coastline, vast natural resources, colossal trees, and the monoliths of the Yosemite Valley using an oversize mammoth-plate camera.
I don't have much to add except that if you like California, or photography (or both) you will be floored! Beautiful, gigantic, very old, pictures of the coast, the National parks, and some great shots (including the first ever panoramic image(s) ever made) of San Francisco. I especially loved the image of the San Luis Rey Mission dilapidated in the middle of the desert in North County San Diego I never knew that it was abandoned for some 30 years! Amazing. Highly Recommended.
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Wavves, Bon Iver, Antony and the Johnsons, ABC NEWS??? 01.20.09  
I am just as baffled as you might be by the name of this post...

ABC news has added a new segment on their site creatively titled "New Music Mondays" First off, I can't believe that ABC news would even be aware that such a thing as new music exists... I imagine those uptight weird old men listening gleefully to the 1984 Kenny G Christmas album year round, or maybe best case scenario would be Oprah's album of the month club (I wonder if that exists). Anyway, somewhere in the belly of that beast exists a kindred spirit who was sharp enough to point to Ryan Schreiber the founder of Pitchfork rather than leaving the discovery process to Charlie Gibson...

Check it out RIGHT HERE
I was pleasantly surprised to see that among Bon Iver, who I reviewed HERE, and Antony and the Johnsons which I reviewed HERE, there was also the unlikely addition of The Wavves which I reviewed HERE. I wonder how Nathan Williams of The Wavves feels about being profiled on ABC news when his album isn't even really out yet... The world is getting to be a very strange place these days.

Anyway, thought I'd share, mainly just to convince myself this was real and that I wasn't making this up in my sleepy sleepy head. If they had mentioned Little Joy I would have sent a cease and desist to ABC news immediately!
I want to see the comments...

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