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DJ MIKE CRUZ 07.23.01  
meet mike cruz. he is awesome!

so there are two different mixes here... pt 1 is all new hip hop and really just records that mike likes, not what he would necessarily play at your wedding but a pretty good display of his skill, and the pt 2 mix is a bit more dancefloor friendly, and still not exactly how it would go down at a wedding but you'll get the idea. below the videos are a couple short, downloadable, dj mixes. enjoy!

part 1 THE ART


pt. 1 (the art)

pt. 2 (the danceparty)

here is a bit of background info from mike... I was inspired to learn to DJ when I first heard of a mixtape. I had no idea what a mixtape was in 1989, and I happened to hear this mix by DJ Icy Ice of the World Famous Beat Junkies. When I heard him mix the chorus of Cherrelle & Alexander O'Neal's "Saturday Love" with another song I can't remember anymore my mind was blown. I remember hearing a lot of R&B jams mixed with electro songs like Afrika Bambaataa's "Planet Rock" back then and I love both those things, so basically I was hooked. What felt like ages later, in 1994, I got my first mixer and a mismatched pair of belt drive turntables. Later in the 90s I ended up DJing with a group of people who went on to do some really big things.

I'd always thought of DJing as a hobby, something I loved to do, something I didn't want to sacrifice for the sake of an income. I put it on hold a few times, but couldn't stop. So to keep up my habit while going to school, working, interning, and eventually finding my first "real job" I hosted a college radio show which ran from 2001 to 2007. I was lucky enough to have some guests that included Mike Gee of the Jungle Brothers, People Under The Stairs, and Nosaj Thing among others. It was one a few Hip Hop radio shows back then to also have Bloc Party, of Montreal, Wolf Parade, Tim Kasher, The Notwist, Cut Copy, LCD Soundsystem, and Ratatat on its playlist as well. Since then a roller coaster of life circumstances have pointed me in the direction of music for a living and I couldn't feel more lucky.

want a live mix from a wedding? SURE!

I want to see the comments...

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