Sharkpig Weddings is the video component of The Flashdance but luckily they don’t use flashes, or those weird LED panels that make the dance floor look like a tanning bed, in fact they don’t do a lot of things that are conventional... They do however make beautiful short music video-like films about people who are in love. And they will probably be on the dance floor the whole night with you, and you might end up being BFFs.


"Love is Alive. Maybe it doesn't seem like it, but it's true. The Shark Pig Weddings team has traveled all over the world in search of Love, and we found it. We found it living in many forms, and in many people. We watched it make people laugh and dance and cry and kiss. We've observed the way that Love brings people together. It can turn two families into one. It heals and transforms. Amongst all our differences as humans, Love is a commonality. It joins us. People have tried to describe Love in all kinds of terms. We prefer to describe with image and music.

In a time where there's a lot of hate, Love is alive. This is the proof.





How did we get here? Well, it’s all about collaboration. Michael and Whitney started out throwing events and parties together. They were the guys you called when you wanted your party thrown right. Naturally, when they were tossed out on their butts by some milquetoast corporate clients, they created Our Labor of Love Productions. That’s right, it was a production company before it was a wedding photography business. Once it became a photography business, though, Michael was no longer involved. Two best friends and collaborators can’t stay out of business together for long, so together they created The Flashdance.
Whitney and Our Labor of Love were photography (Flash) and Michael was the DJ (Dance). Whitney knew that it would be impossible to take good photos of people dancing to terrible music, and Michael made sure that never happened. Today, they have kept to the spirit of the original idea: collaborate with your most talented friends and it will pay off. The question remains: are you going to join in on the fun?

Let's talk a little more about the 'flash' part of Flashdance: Our Labor of Love. They've shot over 1200 weddings, and Whitney has shot over 500, so you know they've got it down. They've been featured on every blog and wedding site and magazine you can think of. We won't name names but... New York Times Magazine. Whitney has changed a tire on a limo, broken up several fights between uncles, and helped many a tipsy best man get home safely. The images speak for themselves.