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DJ 101 at Field Trip

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VERY EXCITED to be presenting the Flashdance DJ 101 course this year at Field Trip. Do you know about YEAH FIELD TRIP? Here’s your opportunity to approach the turntables. We’re creating a music section at Field Trip, and we’re basing it around DJing. If you’re good and want to get better, bad and want to get less bad, or just want to take a breather from photography and learn about music - come check it out! 




Hit us up to learn more about our summer flash sale! contact: Smilebooth: - for LA bookings: - for bookings outside of LA: The Flashdance DJs - Yeah! Weddings - Yeah! Rentals -



We Have a Brand NEW SISTER (company)


they are hosting a 2 week long pop-up shop DTLA at Hudson Loft april 8-19, it will be open to the public everyday from 10am-3pm and there will be blocks of time everyday for work shops, micro pop-ups, panel discussions, dinners, wine tastings, product launches, cocktail parties, art openings, film screenings, live music and god knows what else they might get into between now and then. THESE EVENTS ARE (almost) ALL FREE BUT YOU HAVE TO RSVP confirmed participants so far: Bend Goods / Cognoscenti Coffee / Silverlake Wine / Heirloom LA / Project M Plus / Shotgun Floral / Unique LA / Sonja Rasula / smilebooth / Field Trip / Pharmacie / Room Forty / Sharkpig / The Artist Report / Whoa Nelly Catering / Individual Medley / Flashdance DJs / House Beer / Ventura Spirits / Happenings Co / Jennifer Emerling / Sera Lindsey / Elephant Landing / Elena Stonaker / Sama Sama Kitchen / Hether Levine / Brendan Ravenhill / Lookout and Wonderland / Gopher Wood Design / Bernscott Pottery / Conscious Camper / Dutch and Finn / Gunn & Swain / The Littlest / Hostess Haven / A Miho Experience / Denisse Wolf / Unearthen / Brandon Harman / Max Wanger / Gather Events / Moon Canyon Flowers / Shelter Social Club / Crafting Community / The Mama Circle / Love Me (documentary film screening) / EP Love / Brian Rea / Keith Scharwath / ashkahn / Jonathan Sager / Justina Blakeney / Justin Krietemeyer / Emily Henderson / Rachel Craven press partners: 100 Layer Cake / Refinery 29 / C Magazine / Apartment Therapy



Lazers & Blazers 2015

For those of you who don’t necessarily consider yourselves photography aficionados but still love to attend the infamous revelry of Lazers & Blazers, this year we’ve got a new option specially for you: a 2-day Vacation Music Pass. A new environment allows for new possibilities. Lazers & Blazers, freed from the stifling neon purgatory that is Las Vegas, has been stretching its legs; inhaling the salty air; rearing offspring; and, most importantly, evolving. Spurred on by its symbiosis with Photo Field Trip, Lazers & Blazers is in the process of evolving from a mere dance party into a multifaceted, micro music festival. But before you shut your laptop / throw your phone across the room / fog up your google glass / smash the monitor of your Gateway 5000, let’s be clear that this is not a “festival” in the sweaty, overcrowded, superficial, poorly-engineered, horde-of-wailing-manbabies sense. We’re talking about intimate, specially-curated live performances in ways you’ve never seen them before. Well-known artists, but in a unique setting that engenders a unique presentation. What better place to induce such a performance than an environment already brimming with artistic energy and community, an environment that elicits and fosters creative expression in its truest form. Photo Field Trip is the perfect place for Lazers to evolve and diversify. Don’t worry though, the unrivaled insanity of a dance party under the stars will still be at the core of Lazers & Blazers. But in addition to that tradition, we always want to be moving forward, providing the opportunity to expand your mind and be part of something that hasn’t been done before. For those of you particularly interested in this aspect of Photo Field Trip, we’re offering the 2-day Vacation Music Pass. You’ll check in Saturday evening and check out Monday after breakfast. In between, you’ll dance your ass off at Lazers on Saturday, attend this year’s live show featuring Phosphorescent (solo), on Sunday, participate in games and activities, and bask in the creative forcefield amongst hundreds of artists. There are only 20 spaces for this option, so if you’re interested, jump into the fold soon. It’s a welcoming community if there ever was one - just be warned you’ll probably photographed a few hundred times, so watch out. Thank you to Squarespace



INDIA - Just Read

Last fall, Field Trip India brought together an unusual assemblage: children from an orphanage in rural Rajahmundry, and a small group of unassuming photographers from around the world. If we thought we were going to document culture or to make beautiful images, we were thinking too small, too self-contained. My time at the orphanage created an image in my mind that couldn't be contained in any photo: an opportunity to visualize my heart again - to see beyond myself. Sitting on a concrete floor with those kids, I was transported right back to my 12-year-old self, to my own experience as an orphan; yet here I was simultaneously present in a moment of indescribable kinship. We started our journey as observers and photojournalists, but ended our travels totally inspired and motivated to make a difference.

Those kids are the reason why I'm participating in this campaign to raise funds for the orphanage. If you have no interest in looking through the photos, you can skip them - they are just my attempt to capture a feeling that was much more than the sum of its parts. They are the personal piece that I could take with me. The important thing is that you know about this campaign, that you have the opportunity to offer a little bit of yourself to a community that needs it. Please click here: teamrajahmundry.

Although we spoke different languages, we were present with them in ways that language need not inhibit. As you sit there in the room, they touch you - but secretly, sneaking in the touch. If you open your arms to give a hug to one child, three more fall into the embrace. And beyond touch, there was music: dancing, singing, sharing a joy much deeper than words. In addition to basic needs, our hope with this campaign is to provide the kids with resources to explore these joys of music and creativity.

Field Trip is a community that gives back. The money for Field Trip India came from the first Photo Field Trip, and we hope to create a never-ending loop of opportunities like this. Thank you for sharing this with me, and thank you for supporting these children.

If you would like to see the rest of the images, you are more than welcome to look through them here. 

If you would like to see the rest of my personal images from the trip (and you have an ample amount of time on your hands), you are more than welcome to look through them here

But most of all, if you have the capability to donate to this wonderful orphanage, please do so here:




Lovebug is coming to sunny SoCal on January 18th! Unlike traditional children's portraits, Lovebug is a chance for kids to be kids. Instead of forced, stiff and awkward school-photo posing, Lovebug is a high energy and highly creative photo shoot that encourages play and silliness!

The idea is to get kids to interact with colorful toys, textiles (and their siblings!) while we captures it all. The result is pure, real and beautiful photographs of some really cute little people. Kids are encouraged to bring their lovebugs---their tattered and well loved stuffed animals and blankets.

What better way to celebrate Valentine's Day than to spend it with your lovebug?


The Lovebug photo shoot is not your traditional portrait sitting… it is all about play! The shoot takes place over the course of a day – we layer in 2 or 3 families in the studio at one time to encourage play and fun energy between the children. There will be a digital Smilebooth to help everybody warm up and get comfortable. Because having your picture taken can be intimidating, we like to let children take their time. It’s been our experience that this type of interactive photo shoot best suits children ages 1 and older.


Lovebug LA will take place on January 18th from 9AM to 4PM at Books and Cookies in Santa Monica. Time slots are being reserved in 45 minutes increments, with 2-3 families per slot. Pricing for Lovebug LA is $200 for one child and $250 for siblings.

Photo package includes two 8 x 10's per child as well as a downloadable link to print-ready images. Time slots are now being reserved. Email to reserve your spot now! xo



Field Trip 2015

this is, simply put, the best weekend that you will have in 2015! we always try to outdo ourselves, and this year will be NO exception. we will have all 6 flashdance djs at the party (with so many tricks up our sleeves) and I will be teaching all weekend. (hint: I'm not teaching photography)!

if you can clear your calendar and come unplug with us I pinky swear you will not regret it!! -MICHAEL

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Lazers & Blazers Jr.

Remember when we used to throw those apeshit parties in Vegas? yes? no?

welp, we really miss throwing them...we just don't miss Vegas.

sooooooo, we found a sweet little spot in DTLA to host a reunion. lazers and blazers jr.

one night, one smilebooth, one dj, one insane sound system, one hell of a good time. and, of course, some lasers. (but no steroid bouncer bros).

The only thing we are missing is YOU GUYS, and the drinking and the dancing, and the crowd surfing, and sweating, and laughter and sore bones.

Dance floor snacks hosted by Logan Cole - it's his birthday, but he's treating you.

Please join us Thursday October 9th at Honeycut 819 S Flower St Los Angeles, CA 90017 9 pm -2 am absolutely free. (it will reach capacity so be there by 10:30 to insure entrance). SHAKA -L&B



Field Trip in India

Field trippers, we're ready to take this to the next level; because when life gives you an opportunity like this, you jump. This November, Field Trip will be heading to India for an intimate submersion of hands-on cultural interaction and photojournalism. This will NOT be a detached tourist excursion, nor will it be an exercise in white-savior-ism for us to feel good about ourselves and get a super-gratifying profile photo. We know we can accomplish much more than that.

By actually partnering with people who have dedicated their lives to working in these areas, people who are well-traveled and know the ins and outs of their context, we believe we can create wholly unique learning experience without being abrasive or exploitative. Not only that, but we believe we can use our craft to be a positive force. We have the power to break down stereotypes, and to reframe the way westerners encounter places like India.

This is still the Field Trip you know and love. It will still be our intention to learn through play. We will be holding your hand and guiding you, and you will be holding your camera. Between decisive moment street photography, pre-scouted shoots, foodie bliss, and maybe even a surprise festival, we're going to get you into direct contact with India while helping you continue to grow and improve your craft.

At the same time, we'll be partnering with people on the ground to make sure our presence is anything but intrusive. Caroline and Jayden Lee will be connecting us with their recent project, Elephant Landing - a humanitarian home goods brand that supports women in rural India with education and employment. They also work with an orphanage in a remote village that may or may not entail a short ride in a propeller airplane in order to visit. Are you ready for serious adventure? We'll keep that part optional, but we think you're ready. What was the first Field Trip in preparation for, if not for this?

Throughout all of this, our intention will be to listen more than to talk; to learn about existing needs rather than assuming we already know.

Each time you take a photo of a given subject, your approach is informed by every little piece of information you have ever ingested regarding that subject. A first-time wedding photographer, for example, might try to mimic the style that he/she has seen on a blog. However, it takes a seasoned photographer to understand that you have to work with what's in front of you rather than try to infuse the day with a story that isn't actually organically happening.

We face a similar learning curve with India. This trip will not be a classroom exercise or a simple opportunity for camera education. This is going to be more of an eye-opener. An opportunity for us to ingest something different and expand our views of the world. You undoubtably already carry a reservoir of information in your mind which you tap into whenever you think of India. Some of it may be positive, some may be negative, but all of it is incomplete.

How you see the world strongly affects how you photograph it. Contrary to what Uncle Bob says, you're not just pressing a button on an expensive device. You string narratives together, and you have the power to do that regardless of the truthfulness of those narratives. Before we even pick up our cameras, it is our responsibility to carefully curate our outlooks in order to produce only the truest, most honest narratives about the the actual stories surrounding our subject, rather than the ones we'd prefer to tell. Those stories will go on to influence the outlooks of others. By changing your outlook you can change the world.

If you're anything like us, you got into this whole photography thing because you believe it can be a powerful tool. Because you believe it can do a lot more than just make things look nice. Do you still believe that? Do you want to get out there and employ your craft to its fullest potential? Let's see what you and your camera can do.

Visit to sign up!



ace hotel DTLA roof recording

here is a little recording of one of my sets from last month at the ACE DTLA. i've been playing up there once a month or so with one of my very favorite djs around - Jeremy Sole we go back and forth so this is just one 30 minute set. you should keep your eyes here and on twitter to attend the next installment!


download? click here



ace hotel los angeles launch party

it meant a lot to us to be involved in the grand opening party for the brand new Ace Hotel in Los Angeles. michael (our owner) has been involved in the ace since its' inception in seattle in 1999 and continues to work for and with the group.

this is one of the event spaces in the hotel which can be rented for dinner parties, events, weddings, or meetings. we think it looks amazing with some of our newest pieces!!!



the unique space

we were pretty stoked to be a sponsor for The Unique Space's event venue launch event in downtown LA's arts district. LA is filled with great venues and this one definitely tops the list! check out the full write up and feature on Green Wedding Shoes and Oh Lovely Day.