Welcome to the Flashdance.



Welcome to the Flashdance.

We're in the business of having fun and we take that seriously.
We’re not here to appeal to the lowest common denominator.
We're here to raise it.




The Flashdance DJs exist to make sure the best day of your lives is actually the best day of your lives.


Our promise


WE ARE NOT going to tell corny jokes on the mic.
WE ARE NOT going to play trance at your wedding!
WE ARE NOT going to play desperate, crappy disco to try to “Please everyone.”
WE ARE NOT going to be an ego driven “artist” & only play what “we” want to hear.
WE ARE NOT going to play hip hop at your dinner (unless of course…)
WE ARE NOT going to play iPods/CDs.
WE ARE NOT going to be shitty wedding DJs!

WE ARE going to play VINYL (remember that format?)
WE ARE going to play the perfect music for the mood of the people in attendance.
WE ARE going to be able to read the crowd and build the energy accordingly.
WE ARE going to seamlessly blend from dinner to dance party.
WE ARE going to make you dance your ass off.
WE ARE going to make you laugh.
WE ARE going to make you cry.
WE ARE going to make your friends jealous.
WE ARE going to create lifelong memories…







We Love To Travel!

We have performed at over 500 weddings and numerous private events on 5 continents in 12 countries. We have performed for celebrities and rock stars, Fortune 500 companies and startups, as well as backyard weddings, birthday parties, fashion shows, conferences, Bar Mitzvahs, club nights, music festivals, and damn near everything in between. 

A good DJ can read a crowd and know when to change music;
a great DJ can do it without you noticing.

The Flashdance family now houses 6 companies and covers nearly every aspect of event production, whether it be furniture and props from YEAH! Rentals, photo/video/smilebooth from YEAH! Weddings, or a damn good Flashdance DJ. Founder, Michael Antonia stays closely involved as the creative director and marketing expert, while also finding time to keep his DJing sharp as ever and gets his music obsession fix working as music supervisor for The Ace Hotel.

The Best DAMN wedding DJs you'll ever find!

The Flashdance has been featured in Paper Magazine, NPR Marketplace, Reverie Magazine, Apartment Therapy, Remodelista, Herman Miller's blog, Refinery 29, 100 Layer Cake and Martha Stewart Weddings (among numerous others) and has made appearances on E! & Bravo. 

Starting at $2900

See Our DJs LIVE!



Do you need DJ services for more than one night? Rehearsal dinner, or day after brunch? Or...? One more time is the package for you. Book us at full rate for your wedding and we'll play the night before or the day after for 1/2 price of our rate only! No additional cost for sound, no additional cost for travel (but an additional night of accommodations will be necessary if applicable).


Already have your entertainment sorted for your event but you want to have a DJ for an after party? We've got you! Here is the deal: we load in no more than 2 hours before our start time, we will perform up to 3 hours, $1500*

*no more than 1 hour from Los Angeles, sound is included for less than 200 guests / we will assign a DJ from our roster at least 90 days before your event. 


We have painstakingly cut and re-edited 100's of films from every genre and time period imaginable to create a "MASH UP" of drinking and dancing scenes, a montage of sorts, to be projected on a screen at any party. we originally created them for our favorite annual parties and they were so well received that we decided to make them available to you. Buy the DVDs here.

Kind Words from Happy Clients

Thank you so much for doing the most bad ass job at our wedding. Best money we could have spent, best night of our lives.
— Janelle + Tom
Thanks again for ensuring the dance floor was raging at our wedding. Everyone had a blast!
— Emily
Many thanks for all the hard work and creativity you poured into making this our best day ever.
— C+J
Thank you so much for sharing this special day with us. We truly appreciate your talent, good vibes and positive spirit.
— Leslie and Bradford
We can not thank YOU enough for taking time away from your family and work to fly to Kentucky for our wedding! You truly are amazing! People are still talking about how awesome you are and how our wedding was the most fun they’ve had and that is because of your DJ skills! You were the PERFECT fit for what we wanted!!!
— Sarah and Matthew
Thanks so much for DJing our wedding! Our friends and family loved EVERYTHING! We all had such a great time. It meant a lot to my grandfather to hear some of his favorite old songs, too.
— J+J
Our friends keep texting us: ‘Can we do it again?!’ which is not how most people feel after weddings. Thank you again for the best dance party ever.
— Joanna + Chris

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You've heard a lot about the "Dance" part of FlashDance, let's talk about the Flash.

Our team of award-winning, trend-setting photographers are exactly what you need to document the party. Their work has been featured in every blog and website imaginable. Oh, and they're HUGE on the internet!