this gives me a funny feeling (that i am quite fond of)

every once in awhile an artist realizes they have a "hit" on their hands... 

sometimes they take out (or don't put in) the thing that makes it a hit, so it will just be a good song, not a major pop success. that kind of success for an indie band comes with a bunch of problems (read gotye). anyway, i don't know if these guys even realized that they did this, or if it is all in my mind, but i can't stop listening to the chorus of this song (over and over and over again) and, the chorus at least, is 3 or 4 notes away from some serious beatles shit, the lack of turn around in the second bar of the chorus (where it calls but doesn't repeat) makes me feel unsatisfied in the best possible way. like a great song that isn't long enough, but wouldn't be great at all, if it were any longer. 

maybe i'm not making sense to anyone but me here... but damn, this song is undeniable. i hope he has a version somewhere with that turnaround in it that was "too good".