Do you travel? Where are you based?

We have performed at weddings from Costa Rica to Bulgaria, from Hawaii to Italy, from Turks & Caicos to Australia (and a lot of other places in between). We love to travel. We are based in Los Angeles but there are 6 of us and we are all constantly on the move. We just need one or two nights accommodations and reimbursement for transportation. Check in with us because we might be closer than you think, even for Europe or Australia since we might have DJs there anyway!

Are you MC's? Can you make announcements?

Indeed. We are all very comfortable on the mic. Most of us have radio backgrounds but all of us have done hundreds of weddings and are happy to make announcements. For the most part we keep quiet after that, though. ;)  

What's it cost?

DJ services start at $2900.

How does overtime work?

We aren't a union! You book us and we'll play your whole event (but please don't kill us... if it is going to be more than 7 hours we probably need to charge a little something extra).

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes... if you let us work with our friends. Hire our talented partner companies and we'll hook you up with a homie discount.

Got any other ways you can make our party awesome?

In addition to booking us and our friends, we also offer background videos that you can project to give your dance party a little extra flair. Check Them Out. We also have our Wedding Crasher, Parker, to hype up things even more! And if there is a noise ordinance, we can do a Silent Disco to keep the dance party going.