A new edition to The Flashdance, Parker Marshall grew up in the suburbs of Detroit before moving to Los Angeles in 2012. Parker has dabbled in multiple professions, including indie game developer and startup founder, though his real passion finds its expression on the dance floors of L.A. by busting a move on any given night. Self-taught in the styles of funk, disco, and jazz dance, Parker first developed his abilities in high school, practicing to videos of Michael Jackson and Soul Train, so he could impress girls at prom. He subsequently fell in love with dancing as an art form. One evening in 2016, Parker arrived at one of Matthew Rubino's sets in a white suit and started drawing a circle with his moves. Little did Matthew know at the time he put on The Saturday Night Fever soundtrack, that Parker knew the John Travolta choreography and together, they subsequently brought down the house. They have been friends ever since. Parker has become a feature at many Flashdance events, weddings, holidays, and special occasions. SEE MORE VIDEOS HERE!