remember that LAZERS & BLAZERS party?

[vimeo 63436903 w=1280 h=720]

we did this series over the last 4 years in las vegas during WPPI and it was a total blast, we were able to work with so many wonderful people and have more fun in vegas than we ever thought possible. this video was shot and edited by the sharkpigs. what a blast! 

wanna download / listen to michael's set from the party?!??!

*** unfortunately there was some sort of buzz in their system, we did our best to EQ it out but it isn't perfect...*** 
*** also, their mic was on a different channel so there are a few moments of silence *** 
*** also, you guys rule for repping so hard at this one! *** 

next year we won't be hosting a WPPI party. instead, we are going to redefine ourselves and host a huge 2 day event that is way too elaborate to get into here but if you'd like some info please email us here. save these dates 2/28/2014 thru 3/3/2014