Bar Napkin Brainstorm special guest speaker JOSH ROSEN

HEY! have you heard about our creative workshop Bar Napkin Brainstorm?!?!?! well, check THIS out if you haven't. continue reading below if you already know what's up.

Josh Rosen, co-founder of, is going to share with us from his experiences in taking disparate passions and fusing them to create a totally new and unique expression of culture and art.

For Josh it's never just been about speed, but speed + grace. Whether it's skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding; whether it's music, art, fashion; Josh knows there's a difference between clumsy, directionless speed, and the precise movements of a creature in flight. And wherever he goes, his passions come with. Moving to NYC should probably have deterred his surfing itch, but instead it inspired him to take advantage of the new space, not to mention the hole in the market. The NYC perspective combined with the surf lifestyle was a hybrid waiting to happen.

Years after building the surf shop literally with his own hands, now at the helm of a globally thriving fashion line, Josh still hasn't lost his sense of direction. He is just as excited as ever to keep pouring himself into new outlets of collaboration with other artists. Which is why it'll be so awesome to have him with us: to bounce ideas off of each other, to seek new outlets together.