The epic party that has been known as Airhorns and Lazers, Airplanes and Blazers (1 & 2) and Lazers and Blazers is returning! For many of you, you don't need an introduction; you already know that Lazers and Blazers is THE party of the year. 2014's installment will be no exception. This year it will be held on the night of Sunday, the 2nd of March - the last night of Field Trip!

ANNNNNNNNND.... michael has a new double mix cd that he will be giving away exclusively at Lazers & Blazers entitled 'THE HUMAN JUKEBOX Live around the world 2013' with 15 - 20 minute samples of events from all over the world in 2013. below is a sample. we will post all of it on April Fools day but if you need it before then you'll have to come to the party!

We were going to name it "Hazers & Tazers" but we didn't want to confuse you guys too much since we've moved the party from Vegas to the forest on the coast already. Instead of breathing air-conditioned air in the confines of the Vegas corridors, we thought it might be nice to get out in some real air and see the stars.

Come on, LET'S GO

(feel free to repost! Just drag the flyer onto your desktop and share away!)