background visuals for your wedding?!?!

Over the last year or so we have painstakingly cut and re-edited 100's of films from every genre and time period imaginable to create a "MASH UP" of drinking and dancing scenes, a montage of sorts, to be projected on a screen at any party. we originally created them for our favorite annual parties airplanes and blazers & hitched (now know as THE CREAM (long story) (you can see them playing on the screens in the background of this video) and they were so well received that we decided to make them available to you. you can buy one for $100 or both for $150. they run about 40 minutes each and automatically loop so you never notice when they repeat. the discs contain film clips only, no audio.

Ready to take your party to the next level? buy one (or both) videos with the PayPal link button below (delivered as a digital download).  

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