Phosphorescent solo performance at Field Trip!

who the hell is Phosphorescent you might ask? well, i'm very glad you did! i first became aware of them when our friends at Sharkpig produced a video for a track called A Picture Of Our Torn Up Praise off the first record. that record was a really nice indie rock record but he really knocked me over with his album To Wille which is a record filled with lesser known interpretations of Willie Nelson songs and it is sublime. since then matthew has released 2 spectacular records Here's To Taking It Easy & Muchacho. in my opinion the guy just defies logic and continues to get better and better with each release. i have seen them 3 times live and each has been a mix of beautiful versions of their own songs and a stunning mix of covers by artists as eclectic as John Prine, Vampire Weekend, George Jones, Leonard Cohen, Willie Nelson, Arthur Russell alongside traditional folk songs. the shows i have seen have always included a portion of the evening when matthew plays a few tracks solo and, for me, that is the part that really resonates (i'm a sucker for a troubador)! anyway, i am really over the moon about having him. i think it will really be a very special evening.