Ace Hotel x The Flashdance

Working for Ace Hotel has shaped my career for almost 20 years. I started on small projects at the Seattle location in the late 90's, began programming music for Palm Springs soon after it opened, and quickly took over the rest of the properties. I've also been throwing parties at all of the Ace hotels--everything from intimate dinners to dance riots. What a treat it was to be here at the first ever ground-up build in Chicago. Big thanks to Smilebooth (full gallery here) and Asrai Garden


The next one is going to be the most ambitious: THE LAST PARTY EVER on Friday, June 15th in Palm Springs (featuring YEAH! Field Trip vs. The Unique CAMP co-hosted by Venue Report). This is gonna be one for the history books. Reserve a room now with the code FLASHDANCE for 20% off.